Celebrate Safety (and the Holidays) with these Four Tips

Celebrate Safety (and the Holidays) with these Four Tips

The holidays can be a time of joy and celebrating, but also a time of increased risk and challenges for consumers. Activities such as online shopping, decorating your home, or entertaining can create risks that can spoil your holiday spirit. Winter holidays are the perfect time for family and friend get togethers, but entertaining can also pose the risk of accidents and house fires. We at Anywhere Insurance would like to share some tips to keep you safe this holiday season so you focus on the things you love.

  1. Monitor online shopping – When shopping online be sure to only shop on secure sites and use your credit, not your debit card. Be aware of porch pirates and make plans to bring your items inside as soon as possible.
  2. Be smart with decorations – Avoid lighting real candles and make sure real Christmas trees are watered daily. Don’t overload circuits or electrical sockets and never leave stoves unattended. Replace any strings of light with worn or broken cords and check for loose bulb connections. Be sure to choose decorations that are flame resistant. We know nothing is cozier then relaxing by the fire but avoid tossing wrapping paper into the fireplace as it can ignite fast and burn intensely.
  3. Use common sense when entertaining - Keep all extension cords taped down to avoid tripping hazards and keep walkways and stairs shoveled and clear of ice.
  4. Exercise precautions while traveling – Social media is a great way to share and stay in touch with friends, but it can also alert thieves that you are out of the home. If you will be traveling locally and but are planning to drink alcohol, plan for a designated driver or use a ride share app to get everyone home safe and sound.

Staying safe this holiday season on the road and in your home will not only give you peace of mind, but it will help prevent costly claims that can impact your home and auto insurance rates.

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